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Turn Subscriptions Into Revenue: Keep the Customer at the Forefront

SF Revenue Cloud subscriptions article

In today’s digital landscape, more and more businesses are jumping on the subscription economy bandwagon. And it’s no surprise why customers are demanding convenience, reliability, and flexibility from the products and services they use. Subscriptions are the perfect way to do that.

It looks like subscription businesses are really taking off! 

A report shows they’re growing up to 5-8X faster than traditional businesses. Even more research suggests that their revenue is leaving product-based businesses in the dust, and the ones working in the SEI are doing even better. No wonder they’re so successful! Customers love the convenience of getting a personalized product or service on a recurring basis without having to make a new purchase every time. Plus, it’s great for businesses too, because they get a steady stream of revenue they can count on—much better than relying on one-off sales.

It’s clear that if businesses want to get the most out of their subscription services, they need to focus on their customers and what they want. What motivates them? How can they offer an even better experience? 

Can businesses design and implement a subscription model that satisfies their customers?

Experience the power of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, a comprehensive solution that optimizes the entire business revenue cycle. Equipped with CPQ, Billing, Subscription Mgmt, Partner Relationship Mgmt, Sales Cloud (CRM), Service Cloud, & B2B Commerce, this is part of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. Merge sales, partners, ops, & finance teams to create a single source of truth for customer transactions & revenue recognition, from purchase to renewal.

Managing subs in Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps reps close deals faster & build strong customer relationships. Automated Billing and Revenue Management tools enable finance to stay on top of payments, making it ideal for everyone.

Here are the features of Salesforce Revenue Cloud’s subscription management that make the customer experience seamless and enjoyable.

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97% of collected data goes unused, but with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, businesses can easily gain insight into customer data and KPIs across teams. Dashboard visuals transform the data into an overview of customer behavior and the company’s performance, enabling quick action.

Salesforce Einstein AI helps businesses identify opportunities and protect against risks with its over 80 billion daily AI-generated predictions. It reveals who’s likely to upgrade, who needs more incentives to buy, and who may be at risk of not paying. This technology revolutionizes sales and finance teams, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities and protect their businesses.

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82% of c-level execs say their organization has lost future work opportunities due to miscommunication in payments. Salesforce Revenue Cloud’s unified billing engine streamlines subscription payments, leveraging the latest data to ensure great CX and fast processing. Transactions generate consolidated invoices and make the necessary payment, no matter the charge type, sales order, or payment schedule.

Customers seek the best products and prices, and Salesforce Revenue Cloud delivers. It consolidates product catalogs and pricebooks, and automates revenue cycle processes.

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Customers want a simple B2B experience, and 40% prefer self-service. Salesforce Revenue Cloud makes it easy with product browsing, self-service orders, and quotes from sales reps on their preferred channel.

Subscriptions are essential, and managing them with Salesforce Revenue Cloud is even better. It has features to quickly close deals, apply discounts, automate approvals, & ensure limits are met.

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Supercharge your subscription management with Forsys E2E Salesforce Revenue Cloud services 

At Forsys, we get it – we know exactly what it takes to make sure Salesforce Revenue Cloud gets implemented the right way. From the beginning assessment to the final deployment, we have the models, offerings, and expertise to make sure it’s done right. Our 4.8/5 CSAT score and 100+ certified consultants prove we do it better than anyone else.

Our solutions have an amazing track record of getting businesses results: 

  • 80% increase in sales velocity
  • 10X faster quote generation
  • 30% reduction in pricing errors

Forsys recently assisted a leading Media SaaS company in streamlining their subscription setup, automating their renewals, and optimizing their quote-to-cash process from start to finish. Read on to see how we did it

There are hundreds of such stories of customer success on this page.

Talk to our Salesforce champions to get Salesforce Revenue Cloud up and running and come up with new strategies to exceed customer expectations.

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