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Today’s hyper-connected ecosystem is pushing businesses to collect, utilize, and maintain customer data to reorient their customer experience initiatives. Consequently, the expectations for a good customer experience are rising and are expected to continue to soar in the coming years. 

A Salesforce report found that 90% of business buyers believe that the experience an organization offers is equally important as its products and services. Meanwhile, Intercom published a report and found that customer expectations are increasing, according to 73% of support leaders. 

Enter Salesforce

Salesforce offers a vast landscape of products that automate business processes, unite teams, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Salesforce in action, powered by Forsys 

We have many customer success stories to share, but let’s look at a few examples of how Salesforce solutions, designed in collaboration with Forsys, empowered different organizations to accelerate their revenue growth. 

  • 10% increase in student enrollments for a premier university with lead management automation using Salesforce CRM services

The lead management and monitoring processes of a top-ranked premier public university were in poor shape. Lack of transparency marred the admission process across the university’s 11 campuses. 

Forsys deployed Salesforce CRM and integrated it with the client’s Oracle ERP and College NetSystems, which enabled them to easily track and manage prospects, general inquiries, and applicants all in one place, leading to 25% jump in qualified leads and 35% improvement in forecasting. 

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  • 33% faster quoting for a global media-tech company with E2E digitization of revenue and quoting processes using Salesforce CPQ  

A prominent  cloud-based SaaS technology company struggled with its manual revenue and quoting processes, resulting in inconsistent discounting processes and untracked approvals. Additionally, the disjointed quote-to-cash processes, tools, and data sources impacted the sales initiatives. 

Forsys implemented Salesforce CPQ & Billing, which enabled the client to automate 90% of the processes, increase sales velocity by 80%, reduce the deal cycle time by ~40% and more. 

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  • 26% more deals for a top data storage company with front office optimization using Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud

Maintenance, scalability, and user experience were the key areas of concern for a leading American data storage solution provider. The absence of a 360-degree view of customers and customizable reports propelled it to initiate planning for the transformation of its front office operations.

Forsys used Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud to help the client align all of its sales, customer service, and community operations, as well as track performance and share reports, resulting in 36% increase in sales productivity and 28% increase in revenue.

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Parting remarks

Forsys is a trusted Salesforce partner with experience in designing, implementing, and driving transformational experiences for businesses of all sizes across industries using Salesforce technology. 

While we redefine the customer engagement roadmap for enterprises, the partnership between the world’s leading revenue transformation leaders enables organizations to combine cloud and digital, governance and modernization frameworks, and data streams, as well as bring people, processes, and policies to the next level of maturity and efficiency, improving key KPIs, metrics, and ROI. 

To follow in our clients’ footsteps and see the impact of our Salesforce solutions on your business, talk to our experts.

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