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In an ever-growing and increasingly competitive B2B/eCommerce market, the war of dominance for B2B tools keeps narrowing down further with companies like Salesforce, SAP, others gobbling up competitors and sending the message that they are the players who can deliver! But, slow down and look closer. That is not what the data/facts show!

The majority of the players in the CPQ/eCommerce product space do not have a unified CPQ or B2B eCommerce products. Most eCommerce systems are getting into acquisitions in no time to integrate and/or they are bolt-on solutions that require you to take on the integration efforts/costs and time-to-market challenges.

The winning combination is a single platform CPQ solution that handles an end-to-end “middle-office” experience with a unified architecture and data model/base. It offers native cart services and an eCommerce API that allows unified selling “headless” eCommerce using an underlying CPQ engine.

The only company that comes anywhere close to this kind of architecture is APTTUS. It provides an end-to-end integrated single data model that encapsulates Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Billing Revenue Management (BRM) solutions. All built on a world-class, scalable, rapid-adoption SaaS platform –, this APTTUS + Salesforce cloud/ecosystem enables a scalable, cost-effective, and “headless” Digital eCommerce experience. All that APTTUS needed was a single B2B eCommerce storefront that exposes all the eCommerce API’s in a way that the client will not have to take on all the data, process, and perform system integrations, with a jumpstart program to enable rapid time-to-deployment of their storefront. Imagine being able to execute all the functions, while maintaining the core functionalities and power of a single CPQ engine, regardless of the sales channel in an omnichannel-enabled platform. This is exactly what is now available from APTTUS + Forsys, with the recent eCommerce partnership between APTTUS + Conga and Forsys Inc.’s RISE Storefront. The story is now complete! RISE + APTTUS CPQ is a winning combination with a lightweight frontend with all the power of a world-class CPQ engine, that can be built and deployed rapidly and for a significantly lower cost.

Let’s peel the onion back a layer to explain how Forsys’ RISE Storefront works with APTTUS CPQ Engine.

The RISE Value Proposition

RISE Storefront was built with your business in mind: To create “Rapid Time to Value” and to “Optimize costs”

The system design elements are aligned to the following 3 pillars

  • No-coding required: Visual Editor/Admin capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box industry-optimized, jumpstart templates for faster Storefronts
  • A 3D visualization engine for complex CTO/ETO lifecycles

1. The Visual Editor/Admin capabilities: A WYSIWYG Designer/Admin (No Code Required) drives Low-Cost Deployment and Increases Speed-to-Market

RISE Storefront offers a no-code flexible build & integration architecture with core out-of-the-box capabilities, tailored to your industry vertical needs while accommodating intricacies for the needs for a rapid B2B eCommerce experience. RISE Storefront offers multiple payment gateway options making it easier to save on higher conversions. With fast and simplified domestic and international gateway integrations to choose from, RISE Storefront eliminates the payment downtime and helps you convert an opportunity to a potential sale. Also, with the multi-currency support, the currency is converted into your store’s default currency for easier accounting.

2. Jump Start CPQ configuration Templates For Industry Vertical Segments (That’s Forsys domain expertise Codified and Embedded)

Experience and learn more about our in-depth knowledge in CPQ, CLM, B2B eCommerce solutions directly towards the MFG/Precast, Hi-Tech, Health & Life sciences industries. With our expertise in these verticals and by leveraging RISE technology learn how your sales can focus on closing deals even faster 


  • Go to market quicker in a more standard way
  • Configure assemble to order bundles with ready-made parts with quick visualization assembly
  • Customize build to order bundles per your specifications 
  • Ability to have price lists specific to locations (Geo Pricing)/Customer & Partner specific 
  • Automate the standard discounting process and simplify your approval process 
  • Quoting complex bundles and standalone in a much faster time
  • Create contracts quickly and easily for faster turnaround times 
  • Streamlined billing process
  • Generate invoices quickly 

Looking for a way for your partners and customers to quote for themselves? Leverage RISE templates by using the CPQ eCommerce API to sell your products/services in a specific way through an easy to use UI portal for Omni-channel clients.

3. 3D-Visualization + 3D-Cart Configuration: CTO/ETO Lifecycles

Rise storefront also comes with a real-time shopping cart experience with 3D-visualization of standard products. This makes the shopping experience for technical complex products easier to visualize and validate before you finish. RISE’s fast and efficient Visualization Engine renders a 3D-cart configuration that also allows you to change the Cart and view the updated rendering,  in a visual model in 3D, or for the complex cases, CTO/ETO sales cycles, change the model in a 3D-configuration model (all in realtime) and the Cart is automatically updated with these attributes/options (SKUs +configs). Yes, these updates happen dynamically, it’s user-friendly interface gives you the ability to see and scale/rotate/render changes right on the platform resulting in faster so you can immediately visualize the configured cart and have a higher chance of accurate quotes and closing more deals in less time. 

The Takeaway
To put it simply, RISE Storefront is a light-weight skin on a powerful CPQ engine that has out-of-the-box optimization capabilities for specific ways of selling for your industry. You can start with one of these templates and easily customize them to your specific needs. This process is not only saving our clients months of work in the design and setup of both the underlying CPQ for Product Information Management, but also the visual layouts related to various selling models. RISE provides organization to the eCommerce world. It navigates B2C-like contracts between companies and stakeholders. Yet the challenge of implementing solutions like RISE Storefront is that the scale of the transactions on the sales side is too large. Companies put these types of solutions on the back burner because they can be a huge hassle through the implementation process.

Well, we’ve taken that into consideration when developing RISE Storefront bottom-up. It’s designed through the eyes of your sales reps and can be utilized by any department to serve its purpose. RISE Storefront eliminates these worries and creates a user-friendly, seamless organization to help fulfill business transaction process quotes as well as the aforementioned. 
Remember RISE + Conga-APTTUS CPQ will help you “Maximize your Revenues” while “Optimizing your Costs (and Time-to-market)” unlike any other B2B digital eCommerce solution. Don’t fall behind the curve of your competitors. Take action on your buying and selling.

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