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Why Is Salesforce CPQ A Must-Have for Business Success?

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Gartner has recognized Salesforce CPQ as the market leader for 5 years in a row. Its ability to optimize and automate the entire Lead-to-Revenue lifecycle all on one platform, from configuring quotes to streamlining approvals, managing invoices to revenue recognition, automating contracts to renewals, has added to its popularity among users and subsequent positioning as the most trusted CPQ solution.

Based on our customer’s satisfaction and scalability needs, turning leads into customers with Salesforce CPQ is as easy as pushing a button.

Look at the infographic below to understand the benefits customers incurred after implementing Salesforce CPQ.

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Now, to translate such statistics into reality for you, we have pieced together the top 10 reasons why Salesforce CPQ & Billing Implementations Fail. Read now to fullproof your Salesforce CPQ & Billing journey.

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