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What is all about Global Order Promising (GOP)?

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In this competitive world, quick and accurate order promising is the key to retain existing customers and to attract new customers, Oracle Global Order Promising acknowledges quick delivery promises that your customers can rely on.

Oracle’s global order promising capabilities comprise of robust support for distributed global order promising and multi-level supply-chain from available to promisecapable to promise and capable to deliver.

A user can consolidate supply and demand information from multiple transaction systems to provide a consolidated global picture of demand and supply. Also, order promising is accessible from multiple order entry systems or order capture systems such as web stores and call centers.

Salient Features

  • Promise orders based on material availability, manufacturing capacity, transportation capacity and supplier capacity — Available to Promise (ATP), Capable to Promise (CTP), Capable to Deliver (CTD)
  • Supports complex multi-level CTO models, multi-level ATP check configuration, combined product family and item ATP
  • Model the realities of your supply chain: types of supply and demand included in promising; shipping, receiving, manufacturing, and carrier calendars; product and component substitution, ship, and arrival sets
  • Secured integration with Oracle Order Management Cloud Service
  • Source from a wide range of fulfillment locations, including stores, warehouses, plants and supplier sites
  • Promise against both current and future supply
  • Automation of selecting the lowest cost source and delivery method meeting the customer’s needs
  • Prevent delays by splitting order lines or substituting items if required
  • Control availability of high-demand products by customer or channel

Blog Post by Janaki Ram Nalla, Forsysinc

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