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Salesforce CPQ for SaaS Businesses: Decode the Transformation

Salesforce CPQ for SaaS Businesses Decode the Transformation

SaaS businesses are expected to constantly evolve and upgrade, add new tools, and streamline their processes to survive the demands of the marketplace, and hence often find it difficult to manage their complex sales cycles. 

The customer experience-driven world of subscriptions, recurring revenues, renewals, complex deals, personalization and perpetual promotions are pushing the SaaS enterprises to question how to manage all of these, push growth and still be more efficient than before.

Welcome to the world of Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Driven by the motto of simplifying complex business processes, Salesforce CPQ is by far the most well-known and widely used CPQ tool that: 

  • Enables businesses to accurately generate error-free quotes quickly
  • Supports integration with ERP and other business technologies.
  • Allows access on any device, any time, anywhere
  • Hosted within the Sales Cloud platform & synced to Salesforce CRM

SaaS Businesses need Salesforce CPQ more than ever 

There are several reasons for leveraging Salesforce CPQ in the SaaS Industry. If any of the below statements sounds familiar to your organization, then Salesforce CPQ should be the go-to platform for your business processes: 

  • Spend hours searching for product SKUs to find the right products to bundle.
  • Configuring product bundles for a quote is a manual process. 
  • Multi-level approvals are slow. 
  • Creating custom contracts & contract renewals are error-prone and non-automated.
  • Quotes are reviewed multiple times. 
  • Products/services follow complex pricing models. 
  • Building a recurring revenue stream. 
  • Teams want to leverage upsell and cross-selling opportunities. 
  • Measure churn MRR/ARR on an amendment or renewal. 
  • Invoice your customers for consumption, subscription, and milestone-based offerings. 
  • The Quote-to-Cash system is fragmented. 

Salesforce CPQ Empowers SaaS Companies 

Salesforce CPQ creates a set of guardrails for the quoting process which enables businesses to solve all of these challenges. The use of a pre-programmed set of rules helps to ensure that error-free pricing quotes are created after taking into account quantities, discounts, customizations, optional features of products, multiple revenue types, and incompatibilities. It streamlines the bulky business processes into lean, productive systems harnessing the power of automation. 

To learn more about CPQ’s role and usage in sales operations, marketing, finance, legal, order operations, channels sales team & self-serving customers, read our blog.

Bottom Line 

There’s a reason why Salesforce is touted as one of the most feature-packed CPQ. It allows businesses to give a solid first impression to prospects based on how quickly they deliver what they want. 

Contact us today to find out how Forsys, a full-solution Systems Integration Partner for Salesforce, can help businesses like yours maximize their Salesforce CPQ investment.

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