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The Power of World Class CPQ Tailored for Your Needs

The power of World Class CPQ

Given the breadth of services, product, and support companies provide today–excelling in all selling and service channels all the time is difficult. A cloud-based Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application can be a game-changer for improving the customer or partner engagement process of quoting by providing global scalability at the platform level which enables the customization and flex needed to respond to pre-sales, selling and service strategies–unique to any vertical.

Whether a salesperson is selecting pre-approved bundles, configuring highly complex offerings or customers want to self-service their own quote, Conga has the solution for every challenge. Powered by the most advanced cloud computing infrastructure available today, Conga solutions are reliable, performant, dependable, and affordable.

CPQ Adoption does not have to be hard! Start with the winning combination Conga CPQ + Forsys JumpStart templates. Below are a few examples of how CPQ changed the game in Manufacturing:

  • Providing a scalable and streamlined platform that  simplifies pricing updates
  • Conversion of manual subscription billing to automated
  • Reducing implementation time with user-friendly interfaces
  • Transforming CPQ Billing process with precision enterprise implementation and integration
  • Aligning customer orders across the enterprise, billing and finance functions to simplify revenue recognition and enable granularity in forecasting and delivery promises
  • Maintaining and enhancing product configurations, approval visibility, pricelist proliferation, and subscriptions

Leapfrog Your Journey with Industry Vertical CPQ Solutions from Forsys!

Forsys, a strategic partner with Conga, has created Industry Vertical Packs–out-of-box solutions that are designed to JumpStart the CPQ  journey. For the  Precast/Manufacturing industry vertical, Forsys promises a “Rapid Time to Value” with Conga CPQ + Forsys Industry Solutions that include:

  • Business Use Cases and Scenarios
  • Product Models
  • Pricing Models
  • Features and Functionality
  • Quote Process Flow and Sample Proposal
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Solution Package

Using an Industry Vertical Pack, a customer can reduce the complexity and deployment journey by months–up to 50% shorter than traditional CPQ implementation timelines and costs. Using our 3D visualization experts, we further help manufacturing end-users visualize their products while configuring them in the cart. This option pack enhances the CTO/BTO/ETO sales process.

Contact Forsys,Business Consulting Services today how you can speed up your CPQ transformation journey with the  Industry Vertical  JumpStart Solution Packs, plus the expertise and know-how of our team to help you achieve “Rapid Time to Value”.

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