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How it works

Discover how Forsys’ integration solution for Salesforce & NetSuite on MuleSoft enables businesses to bridge the gap between sales and finance by:


Automating synchronization of account, sales order, & product data.  

Data Storage

Making customer order fulfillment data stored in NetSuite accessible across teams.

Insights & Performance

Offering real-time actionable insights for sales reporting & forecasting

Business Process

Eliminating data redundancy & helping harmonize business processes quickly.

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Faster Time

Faster Time to Market

Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Cusotmer Satisfaction

Increase Customer

Revenue management



Database Management
Seamless Integration between Salesforce Revenue Cloud to NetSuite for Order Fulfillment

File Organization
Integration between Salesforce Revenue Cloud to NetSuite for Seamless Financial Transactions

The Forsys Differentiators

Pre-Built Integration Framework
Pre-Built Integration Framework

Our API-driven approach, backed by MuleSoft supports data transformations and processing, and ensures integrations are 100% customizable.

Expertise in Salesforce & NetSuite
Expertise in Salesforce & NetSuite

A global team of MuleSoft certified developers, integration and enterprise architects, and administrators who are experienced in building, testing, and debugging Salesforce & NetSuite integrations.

Reusable & Scalable
Reusable & Scalable

We deliver quick deployment with essential flows for common use-cases across industries and build templates from scratch for the most complex use cases.

Support for multiple versions
Support for multiple versions

We support all versions of NetSuite and Salesforce Enterprise to ensure integrations remain operational indefinitely.