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PriceSync - Sync Up to Synchronize

A PaaS solution for Oracle Cloud Management by Forsys
How it works

Exclusive customized PaaS-based add-on PriceSync for Oracle Cloud Order Management to fill the gaps in the standard functionality.

PriceSync is a preconfigured integration solution that is designed to seamlessly integrate SaaS to SaaS, especially for the Manufacturing and Hi-Tech industries.

PriceSync is fully integrated with Oracle SaaS and can also be used for other industries that Oracle Cloud Order Management supports.

PriceSync provides the best-in-class solution for updating Multiple Price Lists through a single source input.

PriceSync Features

Single Sign-on

Seamless to the Users

Hosted on Oracle PaaS

Complement Oracle Cloud Order Management Platform

Manage Pricing Rules to Calculate & Update

Enhanced User Experience

Seamless Integration

Optimized Pricing Engine

Reduced Manual Efforts

Final Price Adjustment Based on Region, Customer, etc.,

Multiple Price Lists Update Using a Single Source Input


reduction in user time

reduction in manual work

price updates