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Forsys Order Form Generator

Revenue Experts Seamlessly Generate Order Forms In Minutes
How it works

Discover how Forsys Order Form Generator assists companies to speed up the generation of docx, pdf, and excel outputs for their opportunities, quotes, and orders in Salesforce.

Template-based approach to format the order forms.

100% native to Salesforce, and data stays within and doesn't leave Salesforce.

Supports Salesforce Merge Fields & Multiple Tables in the output format.

Compatible with Salesforce Lightning.

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80% shorter implementation for forms.

Eliminate errors & maintain coherence in order forms.


Seamless Generation of Proposal Order Forms in DOCX/PDF Format from Opportunity/Order or any Custom Object

Streamline Data Export to Excel from List Views or Related Lists in Salesforce

The Forsys Differentiators

Flawless Execution with One-Click

We deliver pro-level, error-free order forms at the touch of a button.

Dynamic & Scalable Templates

Goodbye stress, hello simplicity - our template-backed solution makes formatting order forms a breeze.

Agile & Lightweight

Its speed & lightness help users get tasks done quickly without having to devote a lot of time to training or costly change management.