May Edition • 2023

From the CRO’s Desk

We are delighted to present you the latest edition of Forsys Frame, which delves into the ever-evolving role that Quality Assurance(QA) plays in the roadmap for digital transformation success and why it's no longer a simple support function. Reports have demonstrated a lasting inclination for Quality Assurance(QA) when looking to reach business goals, and industry leaders are advocating the adoption of quality-at-speed.

Prasanth Veerapareddy

Chief Revenue Officer

Quality Assurance(QA): An Essential Piece for Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Enterprises undergoing digital transformation are placing Quality Assurance(QA) and automation testing checkpoints along the way to improve business outcomes, increase end-user satisfaction, and strengthen the product at each development milestone while itigating any challenges that new technology presents.

Here’s further proof that Quality Assurance(QA) is set to play an even greater role in digital transformation in the years ahead.

Forsys brings together end-to-end digital transformation services with engineering-led Quality Assurance(QA) and testing proficiency, enabling the development of a culture of quality orchestration in an organization's technology and operational landscape. This empowers our customers across industries to preserve their brand value with sharpened attention to customer experience and release velocity.

4 Top Quality Assurance(QA) KPIs That Maximizes Digital Transformation Outcomes

Extensive testing Reduced completion times Heightened test accuracy Test case prioritization

Read Our Customers' Success Stories to Find Out How They Used Quality Assurance(QA) Optimization to Achieve Digital Transformation Success

40% Decline in Automation Costs with Shorter Test Cycle & Improved Test Coverage for an elearning Firm

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30% Shorter Project Cycle Time with App Stabilization & Testing Standardization for a Tech Business

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100% Test Coverage for Data Migration & Validation with Nil Data Loss for a Private Aviation Company

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What to Look Forward in the Space of Quality Assurance(QA)

Testing, Agile, DevOps & Low Code Showcase: Towards Better Customer Experience

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“Digital transformation requires changes to processes and thinking—changes that span your internal organizational silos. The clear delineation between technical skills and leadership skills is blurring fast.

– George Westerman

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