August Edition • 2023

From the MD’s Desk

In this edition of the Forsys Framework Newsletter, we turn our focus to a necessary business imperative – the Business Health Check. Defined as a comprehensive review of business operations, these checks are instrumental in identifying growth, cost savings, productivity, and profitability wellbeing in firms of all sizes.

All too often, executive teams are busy working ‘in the business’ instead of ‘on the business’. A Business Health Check allows for the formation of key strategies that address the very deficiencies impacting a company’s ability to achieve high performance. It allows executive teams to see the interplay within the bigger picture, and allows proactive resetting of organizational objectives and investments as needed.

As their popularity surges with firms of all sizes, this issue elucidates how these comprehensive Business Health Check assessments are becoming essential blueprints for success in today’s global economy.

Robert Bongi

Managing Director
Strategic Accounts

The Anatomy of a Business Health Check

A Business Health Check is a must-have for any thriving enterprise, encompassing a current, comprehensive, and holistic review of key components. It evaluates financial performance and stability, compliance risks, structural appropriateness, and essential operational functions and processes, offering a complete insight into the overall condition of the business.

Here's additional evidence reinforcing that Business Health Checks are poised to take on an even more significant role in the future.

Forsys recognizes the complexity of today's business landscape and the need for precise Business Health Checks. By utilizing a FACT-driven approach—emphasizing Fast, Accurate, Clean, and Transactable elements, along with performance, usability, and agility—we do more than just assess; we transform. This strategic process streamlines and optimizes, guiding organizations towards their full potential and reflecting Forsys' commitment to innovation and excellence.

Step-By-Step Process for Evaluating Business Wellness

Gather financial data
Assess compliance & associated risks
Examine organizational structure & processes.
Pinpoint growth opportunities & potential improvements
Benchmark performance against industry standards
Create actionable plans for business enhancement

A Closer Look at the Impact on Industries That Continuously Adopt Health Check

Financial Services
Real Estate
Energy & Utilities
Transport & Logistics
Govt & Public Sector
Non Profits

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Quote for the Month

Operational efficiency is the heartbeat of a successful business, where each process syncs in harmony to create a symphony of productivity and profitability in the long run.

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