Change Management

What we do

Effective change management is the key to successful systems implementation.

It combines user perception, systems and processes to bridge the gap between current processes and the upcoming solution. Change Management is a cycle which needs continuous monitoring and improvement at each stage. We support you in managing this change with our vast experience in implementing and managing new solutions for large and medium sized clients.


How we do it

This creates a situational awareness of the organization, process and people. Impact analysis provides insight into the change at hand, its size, scope and impact. It essentially answers the question ‘How much change is to be expected, Who is impacted by this initiative and in What ways?” This gives a view of the user groups that are being impacted and what if any, may contribute to challenges when changing.

Based on the assessments in the impact analysis phase, a strategy that directs the change management effort to align with the nature and size of the change can then be put together. We identify the the leaders who can act as change sponsors. We start to formulate plans to get those leaders on board and actively sponsoring the change. We estimate how many resources are needed for the change effort and how they can interface with the users to assert influence.

This phase involves putting into motion the change management plans that are a result of the previous phases. These include an effective communications plan, training plans, sponsor activities, etc. Along with implementing these activities, this phase also focuses on fine tuning the plans based upon the kind and amount of resistance encountered during the implementation.

The final phase helps create plans for ensuring that the change is supported and sustained. Reinforcement mechanisms are put in place to ensure adoption and compliance. Trainings and recognition programs are some of the ways in which this is achieved. And finally, an after the fact review of the change management process helps identify areas of success and improvements to be considered for future initiatives.