Forsys Implements Conga CPQ & CLM for a Software Solutions Company, Expedites Quote Generation by 38%, Contract Processing by 42%


The client headquartered in California is a cloud-based software company that provides technological solutions to financial service organizations. The client wanted to automate its Quote-to-Cash process and overcome the challenges of manual creation of quotes and contracts.

Forsys implemented Conga CPQ and CLM solutions to help the software company improve its overall business efficiency, boost win rates, optimize quoting time, and give access to a complete view of the contracting process.

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Software Developer

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$64 M+

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California, USA


The key challenges for the client were:

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Manual Quotation process
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Manual process for creating and maintaining the contracts
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Decentralized Quote-to-Cash process
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Manual and Inconsistent Proposal Documents
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Longer Deal Cycle
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Lack of effective tracking measures
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Ineffective monitoring of Contract Renewals and Assets


The end-to-end solution involved these Conga CPQ deliverables:

  • Implementation of Conga CPQ to support new and existing customers
  • Configuration of Product Bundles to support all the Product Lines
  • Support Recurring and Usage Pricing Models in Quoting process
  • Support for Add-On, Renewal, and Termination scenarios
  • Set up of Advanced Approvals & notifications
  • Management of Conga Standard Templates
  • Generation of Standard Reports
    • Deal Cycle Time Report
    • Deal Win Rate Report
    • Adoption Report etc.,
  • Integration of NetSuite for Contracts

Conga CLM deliverables included:

  • Installation and setup of Conga CLM and eSignature packages
  • Integration of End-to-End Contracting (Request, Drafting, Negotiations, and Execution) process with CPQ
  • Configuration of different Agreement Types and Templates – NDA, Master Enterprise Agreement, SOW, Addendum, Amendment, End User Agreement, and so on
  • Establishment of agreement hierarchical view
  • Configuration of reporting on Lifecycle metrics, T&Cs reporting (e.g., Commonly negotiated Clauses, high risk contracts, non-std. terms), Reporting & Trends by request source, status, type, and other key deal terms/metadata.
  • Setting up of automatic email notifications
  • Migration of Executed Contracts


Forsys successfully implemented Conga CPQ & CLM solutions with the following impact:

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Streamlined QTC process

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Automation and streamlining of the Quoting process

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Delivering accurate quotes for the complex products and services

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38% Faster time to turn quotes

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30% improvement in win rates

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Automation of the Contracting processes

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Effective tracking of contract renewals and assets

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Mitigation of Risk with Real-time collaboration and tracking

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Automation of complex processes involving multiple groups

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42% Faster contract processing

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360 view of the entire contract lifecycle


The client, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions that transform and streamline the complex operations of financial institutions, including banks, mortgage lenders, consumer reporting agencies, specialty lending providers, and credit unions. The client provides solutions to 1900+ customers including financial institutions on the Forbes 2021 list.


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